“The Story of an Art Gallery in Iran” by A.L (The name had to be censored!)

As the manager of an art gallery in Iran, I consider confronting and going around censorship as an inseparable part of my job. I have sometimes successfully overcome censorship, and other times I have had to accept defeat. There have been times that I have managed to find a very simple way around censorship, and have pleasantly surprised my colleagues and friends in doing so. I once exhibited work that even had minimal nudity in the less visible rooms of the gallery. Several other times I covered the “sensitive” parts of photographs or paintings with scotch tape in order to to showcase them. These are all unfortunate and idiotic ways to continue the work, and not to fully surrender to censorship. Relying on these ridiculous techniques makes you wonder the extent to which you have accepted to self-censor in order to play a role in fostering art and culture against all odds, and in an environment ruled by laws that lack simply rational justification and logic.

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A.L (The name had to be censored!)
A.L is the manager of an art gallery in Iran.


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