“The Story of a Silent Play” by Mani Modarres

When we think of theater, we often image a script, actors having dialogues and other similar aspects of this form of performing arts. It may appear that state censorship hits the form theater that relies on various forms of speech harder than other form of theater. But, in reality there is always a way to alter the speech and to keep the agents of censorship content. However, overcoming censorship is much harder in Movement Theater (silent), a form of a theater that is constantly accused of appearing as a “dance” in Iran. When you hear the word “dance” in Iran, it basically means that there is no way out of state censorship, and that you should just forget about your performance receiving any form of license from the Islamic Republic. But, we managed to find a way.

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Mani Modarres
Mana Modarres is a graduate of Tehran University’s Arts Department in the field of theater. He has worked as a theater and film actor, theater director, and an organizer of theater therapy workshops. He has also attended various international and national events, including the Berlin Festival, as a recognized talent in performing arts.


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