“The Song of Aqua Fortis and the Story of Silk“ by Omid Fallahazad

Sooner or later the concept of music censorship and its practices will turn into cartoons that will need explicit captions or comments. Just as the children of today do not understand the correlation between a pen and a cassette tape, the image of an underground music band that has received the flogging verdict from the judiciary for promoting corruption and violence on Earth will seem mysterious and bizarre. The unfortunate reality is that to surpass this lengthy and painful era of censorship and repression in Iran, many of our valuable artists and musicians have had to pay/are still paying a high and irreversible price. Let us value every ounce of freedom, and not give away any of it at all.

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Omid Fallahazad
Born and raised in Iran, Omid Fallahazad is a bilingual writer. Beside his Farsi publications, his fiction in English has appeared in Glimmer Train, World Literature Today, and a new anthology of Iranian-American Writers, Tremors. He has a novel and a short story collection awaiting publication.


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