“The Odyssey of a Conference” by Mehraveh Nazari

They stopped me at the Imam Khomeini Airport on my way out of the country to attend a conference. The man who seemed more like an interrogator than a border customs officer asked, “Are you travelling alone, and without a man?” I said, “Yes, I am single”. He was surprised. As if being single and travelling alone is a crime! Looking at the visa stamp for conference attendance his facial expression hinted aggravation. He asked, “Why are you going to a conference? What is the topic of the conference?” I said, “Education”. Looking at me head to toe, and condescendingly so, he asked, “What is the topic of your lecture?” I said, “Women’s education”.

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Mehraveh Nazari
Mehraveh Nazari is an expert in education and human resources. Having taught at various universities in Iran, she is currently a researcher and scholar in fields such as education, as well as women and work space.


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