“Censorship and Literature” by Habib Farahzadi

The first time I was called to the student disciplinary committee of Tehran University was due to the fact that I had written and translated short stories about various topics in a school publication. Even though during this time there was more space to write and to speak our mind, the censorship apparatus was still hard at work. There was still a general fear of censorship in the air. Various publications and newspapers feared getting suspended or their licenses getting revoked by the authorities. This fear of crackdown was in fact a key element in widespread self-censorship of university, local and national press.

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Habib Farahzadi
Habib Farahzadi is a student activist and a law graduate from Tehran University. He is also a translator and a researcher. He was deprived from the University for three semesters, and was detained for a month due to his activism. His translations and writings have appeared in a number of publications available online. Subsequent to a jail sentence, he left Iran in 2012, and currently resides in the United States.


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