Self-Expression in Fashion and Censorship, Azadeh Tajdivand


There are different definitions for fashion in modern societies. Regardless of how we interpret fashion and style, we can’t deny our nature’s constant curiosity for finding variations in new materials, shapes and inventions to express our self-identity through this non-verbal method of communication. This global movement in fashion is growing so rapidly that it automatically plays an important role in shaping today’s culture, economy and technology. In Iran we also search for sources of inspiration and guidance to model after. However, are these sources safe or reliable in a constricted society where people are limited in means of self-expression? Are there enough public awareness and cognition about this subject to use as a fair point of reference to select from? Finally, despite all these limitations how can we express or share our personal preferences and options through the way we dress in Iran? Azadeh will discuss these points and more issues in her lecture.

Azadeh Tajdivand

Born in Tehran, designer Azadeh Tajdivand has always been fascinated by the psychology of fashion and the internal motivations behind personal style. Her love for fashion grew throughout her childhood, after she designed and sewed her own dress at the age of twelve. Due to Iran's limited resources and educational opportunities in this field, she followed her passion independently while studying in Economics, Animation and Web Design. Upon finding that these courses could not quell her love for fashion design, she finally decided to pursue fashion professionally in 2002, after leaving Iran. Azadeh has worked and studied in London, Frankfurt and Oslo while completing a fashion design and fashion marketing degree from ESMOD International School in Berlin, graduating in 2009. After working and gaining professional experiences in different design studios such as John Richmond in London she decided to establish her own eco-friendly line Samanuscha ( in the United States. Since moving to the US, she has been selected as one of four designers at the Washington, DC Fashion Incubator, as well as one of three designers at the TX Garment District Fashion Incubator in New York. In addition, her label has been recognized by the Ethical Fashion Forum for its commitment to green design.



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