“School Essay Topic: Teacher’s Day” by Morteza Nikpendar

I was in tenth grade. Even though I was a good student, I was also quite a troublemaker in my own ways. It was getting close to Teacher’s Day. Like every year in school, we had to write about this topic for our essay class. We had to write a few pages in praise of teachers. By now, we knew all the rules by heart: a couple of lines of poetry about teachers, along with a memory that would convey the kindness of teachers, as well as an ultimate conclusion stating that we, the future of the society, were indebted to our teachers for everything that we had in life. I could have written this simple cliché essay without any trouble. However, the rebellious teenager in me told me otherwise, and got me in trouble.

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Morteza Nikpenda
Morteza Nikpendar is the pseudonym of a PhD student in political science, who is also an English translator.


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