Episode 4: Freedom After Expression in Media

In the fourth episode of Freedom After Expression, legal experts discuss the media in Iran, its limitations and censorship apparatus. While emphasizing the close tie of freedom of press and media with the conditions of democracy, legal experts address the constitutional, historic, political and legal aspects of freedom after expression in the Iranian press. Further, they explore relevant statistics and various case studies in this context.

Mehrangiz Kar, Habib Farahzadi and Shohreh Sharifi
Mehrangiz Kar is an award-winning Iranian writer, scholar, attorney, and activist specializing in women's rights and family law.

Habib Farahzadi is a student activist and a law graduate from Tehran University. He is also a translator and a researcher. He was deprived from the university for three semesters, and was detained for a month due to his activism. His translations and writings have appeared in a number of publications available online. Subsequent to a jail sentence, he left Iran in 2012, and currently resides in the United States.

Shohreh Sharifi received her JD from Tehran University in 2012. Currently, she collaborates with a number of civil society institutions, focusing on human rights and technology.


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