Episode 2: Legal and Unlawful Barriers against Arts and Cultural Affairs in Iran

The second session of Siamak Pourzand Foundation’s Legal Salon podcast series focuses on legal and unlawful impediments in the way of arts and cultural production in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This conversation highlights those cultural activities and productions that, despite having governmental permission, face judicial and security challenges when publicly displayed. Guest experts argue that such challenges emerge due to the differences of opinions amongst the various governmental entities. For instance, while one entity (i.e. the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance) approves of a cultural product, the other (i.e. as the Basij Resistance Force) does not acknowledge this approval, considering it un-Islamic and illegal by nature, thereby confronting the artists, affiliates and at times even audiences involved accordingly. In the second part of the podcast guest experts discuss the specific judicial and security challenges that the producers of these cultural works often face in contemporary Iran.

Mehrangiz Kar and Nargess Tavassolian
Legal Salon is one of Siamak Pourzand Foundation’s podcast series that addresses the legal discussions surrounding the emergence and expansion of underground arts and culture in contemporary Iran. The discussions are conducted by Mehrangiz Kar, prominent lawyer, writer and human rights advocate, and Nargess Tavassolian, legal analyst with a PhD in Law from SOAS University of London. Pooya Jahandar, social media expert, has also contributed to the production of this podcast series.


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