Episode 1: Underground Literature in Contemporary Iran

In the first episode of Siamak Pourzand Foundation’s People of the Underground podcast series, Shahryar Mandanipour, a well-known Iranian author, speaks about underground literature. After a brief overview of the history of underground literature from the past to contemporary Iran, he answers our questions about various factors that have played a role in the decision of some Iranian writers to go underground, and to use unconventional means to publish their works. He also talks about his own experiences with the notion of underground literature in Iran, as well as the ways in which socio-political circumstances and efforts to limit freedom of expression have influenced his works before and after Islamic Revolution.

Shahryar Mandanipour
Shahryar Mandanipour is a well-known writer and literary figure in contemporary Iran. Midday Moon, Mummy and Honey and The Eighth Day of the Earth are among his famous works published in Persian. His book, Censoring an Iranian Love Story has been translated and published in English. In 2009, New Yorker named this book as one of the reviewers’ favorite book of the year. Mandanipour left Iran for the United States in 2006, where he teaches and conducts literary research in some of the most prestigious universities such as Harvard University and Brown University.

The Siamak Pourzand Foundation also thanks Ehsan Moghaddasi (art critic and sociologist) and Pooya Jahandar (social media expert) for their contributions to the production of this podcast series.


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