“Cinema and Censorship” by Radin Salehi

Imagine a bedroom in which a man is asleep after making love to a woman who appears in full Islamic veil sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at him. This is the image of state cinema in Iran. But, who wouldn’t know that such an image does not correspond to real life, and that is in fact in complete contradiction with ordinary life? Now, imagine the hurdles that we went through to make a short film as our university assignment about a woman’s right to her body and her imagination, in an environment ruled by state censorship of this kind.

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Radin Salehi
Radin Salehi is an artist whose work focuses on film and photography. Having completed numerous relevant certificates and classes in Iran and Canada, she has been involved, mostly as assistant editor, in many short and feature and documentary films. She has also edited a few short films, and is currently the owner and director of Splendid Shots Studio in Toronto, Canada.


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