“Censorship of Character in Documentary” by Delaram Karkheiran

More important than external censorship, for which there is always ultimately a solution, is the censorship of character. The challenge is when the character is not willing to address all the aspects, and the only way to face it is to understand the dignity and the equality between you and your subject. The solution to this challenge is to use hidden cameras or to bring forward a judgmental and biased perspective in the hopes of portraying the real character. Ultimately, a documentary that cannot break through the censorship of character, without violating the ethics of filming, is not really a documentary.

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Delaram Karkheiran
Delaram Karkheiran has received her Master of Fine Arts in cinema from Tehran University’s Arts Department. Currently, she is studying film at York University. She is known in Iran mostly for her social documentaries and translation of young adult books.


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