“Art Dances Under the Skin of the City” by Maryam Dehkordi

I have a friend who is one of the thousands of graduates of filmmaking in Iran. It is now six years that s/he hosts an annual film festival at home, inviting friends and colleagues. S/he has a small professionally-designed cinema at home, where s/he shows movies of choice from all over the world. This small home festival is done away from the intrusive practices of the Islamic Republic authorities. S/he and festival participants do not have to be worried that by simply watching and discussing movies they are threatening the “morality” of their society! They watch movies, share their critique with one another, and spend the rest of the evening together, socializing and discussing relevant topics. They are lucky that they are not yet caught while committing a crime: watching movies without license in a co-ed environment! In fact, relevant authorities of the Islamic Republic have lately called the production and screening of unlicensed films at home a form of cold war against the government!

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Maryam Dehkordi
Maryam Dehkordi is an Iranian blogger and freelance journalist.


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