Crossing Censorship

“Crossing Censorship” (2013-2014) hosted a series of interactive lectures with prominent and emerging Iranian artists, writers and journalists to address the delicate task of creative work within the context of Iran’s complex censorship apparatus.

Another Life, An Untold Story, Mehrangiz Kar

Mehrangiz Kar describes the journey of writing a forbidden novel in Iran and the fact that she had to hide the manuscript in friends’ closets in Tehran for many years until she eventually published the book in her years of exile in the US.

Self-Expression in Fashion and Censorship, Azadeh Tajdivand

There are different definitions for fashion in modern societies. Regardless of how we interpret fashion and style, we can't deny our nature's constant curiosity for finding variations in new materials, shapes and inventions to express our self-identity through this non-verbal method of communication.


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