Shiva: Struggles against Censorship in Iran

In spite of a complex censorship apparatus that is hard at work in Iran, in an environment where people have learned to stay calm and get by, many Iranian artists, authors, journalists and creative minds have not let go of their voice. They have lived to express their feelings and thoughts in spite of censorship and the fear of ending up in prisons made for those who dare to speak up. Without the desire to become political and national heroes, they have created space in the private of their small rooms and studios in order to preserve the voices that are muted by those who govern. This project, “Shiva: Struggles against Censorship in Iran”, belongs to them!

“Shiva: Struggles Against Censorship in Iran”, a project led by the Siamak Pourzand Foundation (SPF), is a space for the stories of censorship in the life and work of Iranian creative minds. Shiva, which means clarity of speech in the Persian language, brings together renowned and emerging artists, authors, journalists, and creative minds and encourages them to exchange stories and experiences of how they work in an environment governed by censorship. “Shiva” is a space to discuss the tactical approaches and the dilemmas that Iranian creative minds face in overcoming censorship.

Let us narrate this story together in the multiplicity of our voices and in the chaos of our ideas.



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  • Farsi
  • © Siamak Pourzand Foundation, 2014